Updated Calendar Now Online

We’re happy to announce that the Medieval Academy’s Conference Calendar is now up and running is a new, dynamic and interactive format. Membership Coordinator Chris Cole has been busy over the past two weeks customizing an online Google calendar for the MAA and transferring all existing calendar posts to the new format.

Please click through to this link: http://www.medievalacademy.org/calendar/calendar_conferences.htm

You’ll notice views arranged in Agenda format and in Weekly and Monthly calendars. Clicking on each entry will being up a separate window with details of the event, including complete information, hyperlinks where available, and a Google Map link. You can search the calendar with a standard web browser search command and once inside the event window you can click a “copy to my calendar” link to move the event to your own computer’s or handheld’s calendar.

We’ll now be fine tuning the Calendar and adding your conferences, events, lectures, exhibitions and other information as promptly as you send them on to us. Please have a close look and let us know if there’s anything else we might be able to offer in the Calendar or if we can make any corrections to your posts. We look forward to hearing from you and posting your future notices. Please email these to the MAA at ccole@medievalacademy.org

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