Professional Behavior Policy

On 2 January 2019, the Council of the Medieval Academy approved a Professional Behavior Policy that lays out expectations for comportment during the Annual Meeting and establishes a structure for reporting and responding to violations of the Policy. The Policy is posted on our website and will be printed in the Annual Meeting program:

The Professional Behavior Policy was composed by the Ad Hoc Committee on Harassment (Ruth Mazo Karras (Chair), Theodore Chelis, Michelle Sauer, Wan-Chuan Kao, Laura Morreale, and Therese Martin). We are extremely grateful to Prof. Karras and the entire Committee for the care and thought that went into crafting this Policy over the past year. We hope that this Policy will protect vulnerable attendees and ensure that everyone who attends our Annual Meeting understands the expected standards of collegial behavior.

The Council of the Medieval Academy of America

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