Text for Teaching and Research Exchange

In the hopes of bringing the community of medievalists together as many of us move online, a working group comprised of Sara McDougall, Merle Eisenberg and Laura Morreale, with the help of the Haskins Society, is creating an online Teaching and Research Exchange entitled “Middle Ages for Educators.” Before we put the site together, however, we want to determine what is most needed from our MedievALList colleagues (medievalists in any professional placement). We have compiled the following survey to help with that effort: https:/tinyurl.com/u59mn6v. We are interested in both what is needed, and what you as a medievalist would be willing to contribute; we have already had generous offers to share pdfs, to host 5-10 minute introductions to primary sources, and to serve as remote guest speakers in digital classrooms. Medievalists are a generous group indeed.

We are asking whether you would fill out the questionnaire to let us know your needs and competencies, and if you could also circulate it to interested medievalists. According to your wishes, we may also reach out to you for further participation once you have completed the survey, but our most urgent goal is to determine what we can do to facilitate co-operation and mutual aid within our community.

Our twitter hashtag is #middleagesforeducators

Merle Eisenberg, Postdoctoral Fellow, National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) University of Maryland
Sara McDougall, Associate Professor of History at John Jay College of Criminal Justice of the City University of New York
Laura Morreale, Independent Scholar

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